Your career as a hostess/model at Diamonds Model Agency

Your benefit as hostess or model

You have an open and communicative personality and want to showcase your charm?

If you are looking for an attractive earning opportunity or a diversified part-time job, then Diamonds Model Agency is the right place for you.


It is very important to us to offer full transparency in our business approach. Other model hostess agencies often use different, unclear categories and price systems, which are hard to understand and compare. At Diamonds there are clear definitions of who works in which category, and we always strive to get the best solution for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

Please provide the requested information below ?


With us you have the possibility to design your Sedcard. Your photos should be no more than three months old and should show your current hairstyle and hair length. They can be updated later on, if you so wish. Please provide portrait face and full body photos (min. 3-5 pieces) – ideally of jobs you had, showing you in different roles.

Since our agency attaches special importance to the selection of the model hosts and hostesses, we organize from time to time get-togethers in several German cities. There,  our scouts will discuss and optimize your sedcards with a photographer.

Don’ts: Mobile phones in the picture, e.g. in front of the mirror, backgrounds that just don’t belong, weird pictures, etc.

Please understand that due to the high number of applications, we can’t possibly respond to each one. Our team will contact you to discuss further details if we think you are a match.


Our model agency has very strict criteria and requirements to which corresponds very good and loyal service. We aim to cooperate with you in a mutually satisfactorily and durable manner. As a team, we strive for our exclusive customers to be happy.