How are event hostesses different from exhibition hostesses?

If you are interested in the profession of a hostess, you should be aware of the essential need of a good presentation with a natural charisma, since  being a host is first and foremost a reflection of the event or company you represent. However, let's not get lost in the assumption that the event hostess job is not the same as the corporate hostess job.

What are the differences?

Which advice do you require and what are your advantages when you enter this field of work?

Being a hostess: the presence during an event or in a company

First of all, let's state that a good presentation is only one of the qualities of a hostess. Meticulous rhetoric and sociability with a touch of dynamism is your capital for an optimal service, whether at events or in companies. Principal characteristic of the profession is the greeting by a hostess at events or for companies.

Event hostess: performs a variety of tasks

The event hostesses work under the direction of the organizers. However, their services vary depending on the type of event or the needs that arise during the execution. During a commercial event, such as exhibition or sporting events, hostesses have the task of informing visitors about the location of the stands. In a large-scale event, such as receptions, award ceremonies or a political inauguration, hostesses are responsible for:

  • accompanying VIP guests to their seats:
  • to guide an important personality to the lectern for a speech:
  • to staff the entrance and exit of the guests.

Event hostesses gain experience by performing such diverse tasks. They get familiar with different types of events. Once they have completed their training, they may consider becoming an event manager.

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Corporate hostesses: performing specific tasks

Corporate receptionists are well-informed about everything that concerns the company: Activities, partners, products, employees, appointments, address books, etc. Such professionals welcome customers, future or new employees and partners. They supply them with information before forwarding it to the appropriate departments. In companies, receptionists take care of calls, mail, and reservations for transportation, such as cabs, etc. Having a broad knowledge of the company allows the hostess to make long-term plans and apply for a vacant position that is compatible with her academic or professional background.

Hostess for an event or a company: a contract job.

The services of event or corporate hostesses are well remunerated, but the types of contracts are not the same.

Event reception hostess: a temporary job.

Occasionally, event hostesses work on a short-term contract. Organizers hire their services for one-off events, sometimes for a day, a weekend or a week at most. Given this frequency, work as a hostess can be coupled with studies or other part-time professional work. This job can serve as an auxiliary source of income to supplement your income at the end of the month.

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Hostess in a company: a job with a permanent and temporary contract.

The hostess' job in a company is a sustainable full-time job. It is governed by a permanent contract. This ensures financial stability and security. Nevertheless, if you work for a communication agency, you may only work for one or two days. This might be the case if the job holder has to be temporarily absent. Moreover, if the holder of the position is on maternity leave, you will only be able to work as a substitute. Added bonus for the company receptionist: some companies provide them with training so that they can develop in your field.

To answer our initial question, the difference between the event hostess and the corporate hostess is in the tasks performed and the type of contract:

  • Diverse tasks for the event hostess with the career of an organizer: the contract is often temporary.
  • Precise tasks for the hostess in a company with the opportunity for further development: the contract can be temporary or permanent.

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