How to select your event hostess agency

Besides a well performed presentation and flawless clothing, which are obviously essential criteria for organizers and hostesses, there are many other elements to consider:

A hostess agency for events throughout Germany

When selecting your event hostess agency, there are a few things to consider. First of all, Diamonds Model Agency operates all over Germany, so distance will not be an obstacle. With our hostess agency, excellence for your reception knows no boundaries!

What are the main characteristics of a good hostess agency?

The hosts and hostesses with whom we work smile with impeccable rhetoric and exemplary presentation. These traits are essential to ensure that the reception of the public during your events is impeccable! Indeed, their availability, their motivation and their dynamism enable us to guarantee an excellent reception that meets your expectations.

Best Event Agencies Germany

Hostesses based on your image

After contacting our hostess agency, we will study the presentation of your company, your mission, your values and your culture in order to perfectly train our staff for an exceptional reception. Regarding the dress code, if the outfit for the hosts and the suit for the hostesses are the most common, we can adjust them to your expectations by offering you outfits in the colors of your company or event.

A staff adapted to your event

Exhibitions or other events are opportunities for you to attract new customers. The hostess is going to be the first person your prospects will see which makes them the face of your business. This is why event hosts or hostesses play an extremely important role. Located at the entrance of the exhibition or positioned at your booth, they will assist visitors in finding your location or keep customers engaged as they wait for a sales representative to provide them with information.

Book hostesses throughout Germany

Diamonds Model Agency provides hostesses respectively fair hostesses in all big cities and fair cities as well as in numerous small towns. Just click on a city in the map or on one of the following links to learn more about us: