The Hospitality Market in Germany

The one booming sector today, it is the hospitality industry. Whether for work within the company or for other various events, hostesses are always highly demanded. They play a very important role and are able to perform various tasks. We're going to take a more detailed look.

The tasks of hostesses

A hostess is a professional who has to perform a variety of well-defined tasks in a company. The variety of their tasks and the importance of their execution, whether it takes place on the premises of the company or during a major event, depict why the profession of a hostess is so sought after in the working world.

- The reception in the foreground: of course, the hostess must be able to warmly welcome customers, suppliers and other interested parties of a company. For this, a smile and a good presentation are essential. Welcoming visitors but also entertaining them while they wait is the hostess's main job.

- Intelligence: this communication expert must be able to provide all the necessary information. Prior training is essential for this. The goal? A perfect demonstration of the company's various services and products, but also knowledge of the company's various employees and departments.

- Answering phone calls: the reception within a company is not always physical. The telephone is a universal way of communicating and the hostess is able to answer calls, always aiming at giving coordinated information to her interlocutor and referring him to the right service.

- Security: checking the identity and credentials of employees or visitors at the entrance of the facility is a security issue and therefore one of her specialties.

- Translation assignments: To best receive and inform foreign visitors, proficiency in at least one foreign language is essential.

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It is easy to see that the tasks of the hostess are numerous and variable. Above all, they represent a real challenge for companies since these professionals are an absolute must.

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Hostesses and business affairs

With a trained hostess, who has many years of experience and, moreover, is competent in her field, many goals set by the company can be achieved.

- Improving brand image: a pleasant, friendly and warm reception allows a company to establish its brand image. The receptionist is the first person visitors encounter when they make contact with the company either physically or via phone calls.

- Create customer loyalty: The communications professional must also perform an important task for the company, which is to create a relationship with the customer based on trust and loyalty. Engagement is the key to customer retention and, consecutively, to increased sales.

As stated above, being the manager of a company, you cannot sustain the company without a hostess who is actively involved in the success and sustainability of your business. However, it is necessary to choose them with care.

Requirements for the receptionist

To find your place in the hospitality industry, you must have certain qualities. Even though the field is booming, it is crucial to stand out with uniqueness. Certain skills are required to work as a receptionist:

  • A good presentation: a well-groomed appearance and adherence to a certain dress code are mandatory.
  • Courtesy and decorum are required.
  • A multi-task-performing personality to successfully execute their various duties.
  • Reactivity for an efficient work.

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