What are the tasks of a hostess?

Are you looking for a job and wondering about the duties of a hostess? Your tasks depend on the setting assignments: a company, an event, a fair, etc.

Learn more about their characteristics and their main tasks. Hostesses, who are usually recruited by hostess agencies, are an essential link in the event chain.

Strategic roles of a hostess: physical reception, information and orientation

Hostesses are selected strictly and are known for their sense of service. They are trained in reception, sales and entertainment techniques.

There are many facets to this profession. The hostess's duties also depend on the workplace. Therefore, work at a fixed reception place, such as an auditorium, a business, a hotel, etc. is possible.

However, a large part of her work consists of:

  • physically greeting all visitors,
  • informing her surrounding,
  • verifying the identity of visitors, allowing only authorized people in
  • providing identification badges for an easy identification,
  • orienting or driving thanks to their good knowledge of the area, the placement of spectators, if it is a sporting event, a cultural event, a political meeting, etc.

What are the tasks of a hostess

Since the hostess is first contact point for visitors at an event or company, the hostess must be impeccably dressed and has to behave adequately. This is a basic requirement for the work in in this very versatile profession. You must embody and represent the image of the company you work for.

Do you have good interpersonal skills and perfect rhetorical skills? With an additional sense of service, you are a candidate of great interest for recruiters in this sector and therefore for Agencies.

What are the tasks of a trade fair hostess

Hostess in a company: Carrying out administrative tasks

Within a company you are primarily responsible for the physical reception of visitors. Therefore, you must be aware of the following:

  • the guidelines for dealing with inbound visitors from the different time zones and the security rules you need to follow;
  • the premises (the map, the locations of the offices, the different rooms, etc.).

The receptionist might also play the role of a telephone operator, who attentively listens to the people she meets in order to appropriately respond to their requests. She must also respect the good practice of telephone receptions. When picking up the phone, she has to adopt the correct intonation.

She will keep herself informed on the procedure in order to handle various calls.

Fluency in foreign languages and experience with recording techniques will enable her to better understand customers and remain calm under all circumstances. The Receptionist must represent the company and handle each Customer quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

This versatile profession involves performing a wide variety of administrative tasks such as receiving and sorting mail, archiving it, and, if needed, composing and dispatching it too. You are also responsible for the administration of parcels, the booking of conference rooms, airplane or train tickets. In order to be able to adapt to all situations and to provide high-quality work, you will need solid administrative management skills.

Hostess: Effective management of a checkroom

At events such as parties, demonstrations or competitions, every detail has to be managed effectively. This includes the dressing rooms. For this purpose, event hosts often employ a dedicated person: the checkroom attendant. She is one of the most trusted employees and guarantees the safety of the visitors' personal belongings. Regarding this role, she is generally chosen for her sense of discretion.

Her mission includes:

  • the greeting,
  • taking the jackets, the bags, etc. and putting them in a numbered compartment or hanging them on a numbered hanger,
  • indicating the number corresponding to the visitor,
  • providing different information, depending on the circumstance, and
  • returning the items to the correct person at the end of the event.

In case of a charged fee for the checkroom, the hostess may also be required to take care of the collection.

Depending on the case she will also tidy and clean the premises.

In short, the hostess is one of the most important people to contribute to the success of an event or the reputation of a company. Although her role may vary depending on her assigned position she is generally responsible for the information, management and orientation of the visitors.

In a company, she is often assigned to administrative tasks while in a checkroom, her responsibility is related to the personal belongings left behind by visitors.

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