Why using hostesses from Diamonds Model Agency?

Making use of a hostess should provide the visitor with a source of information as soon as he arrives. However, it is also guaranteed elegance which improves the image of a company. Calling in a hostess is possible under various circumstances; at the entrance of a company, at an exhibition or at events.

The advantages of using a hostess in a company

Working within a company, the task of the receptionist is, as the name already indicates, to welcome visitors. She answers the questions of the visitors, redirects them to the department or the people they need to meet with, and also helps to coordinate appointments. Receptionists are occasionally responsible for distributing badges, listing people entering the building, and answering phone calls.

Benefits of using a hostess at exhibitions

At an exhibition, a hostess will enhance the image of your company with her elegance and professionalism. Her job is to welcome visitors in a friendly and warm manner and if necessary, make them wait before meeting a manager. Moreover, she is able to provide basic information. Lastly, she is responsible for organizing your booth and arranging the products to make them stand out. Do not hesitate to contact hostesses who know the region. For instance, for the wine fair in Berlin, ask for hostesses from Berlin. They are familiar with the places, customs and traditions of the region and know best how to please visitors.

Use trade fair hostess agency

The advantages of using a hostess at events

Just as at exhibitions, hostesses will be the first point of contact for visitors. Hence, they are considered as the brand image of your company. According to the event, the hostesses can be called upon to provide certain services, such as bringing drinks, taking care of the checkroom, presenting products, guiding visitors, organizing the program, etc. Consequently, it is particularly important for the success of an event to call in experienced event hostesses. Using a hostess agency is a very helpful service. This hostess agency can train the hostesses to know how to best inform the visitors about your products or the services offered by your company. In addition, it will save you time and you will not have to go to an interview yourself.

Book hostesses throughout Germany

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