The aim of a promotion is to increase sales of your product and create a situation by which your product is remembered by your customers. To create such a situation and a certain kind of consciousness, a perfect presentation with the necessary know-how is required. Due to an exclusive instruction and individual selection for the particular advertising campaign our hostesses will embody exactly these qualities.

Our promoters - your key to success

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They adapt to the respective situation and deal with the product from the very beginning in order to present and market it in the best way possible. In addition it is the flexibility that our hostesses possess which allows them to spontaneously adapt to new situations and still convince with perfection. This enables them to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on customers and visitors.

To guarantee this, our agency sees it as our duty to train our staff regularly and to educate them in different fields, starting with the external appearance up to adequate and competent selling. After all, this is what it's all about - you hire our professional agency to market your product. With the right promoters - without exception - every product can be sold excellently.

Next to our promoters for trade fairs and events, we also have staff to distribute flyers and brochures, which usually sounds easier than it is, since the staff needs a certain motivation and euphoria to arouse the customer's curiosity about the contents of the flyer. Otherwise it will end up in the nearest wastebasket.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in selecting our staff to market your product exclusively.
You decide between booking our promoters for a single action only or for a longer period of time. We would be happy to support you in this decision and adapt to your wishes and ideas. Do not hesitate and let us advise you to find the perfect support for your product.

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