Competent reception agency in Bergisch Gladbach.

Diamonds Model Agency offers first-class reception services in Bergisch Gladbach and entrusts its professional knowledgeable hostesses and hosts with the reception of your events, your company and your Bergisch Gladbachs nationwide. Diamonds Model Agency is the reference player in the premium reception services market.

As an unmissable reference, our agency Diamonds Model Agency positions itself on the premium markets:

- Reception at events: for trade fairs, forums and congresses as well as for corporate events, institutional, cultural and sporting events in Bergisch Gladbach.

- Reception in companies: in company headquarters, offices, but also in trust offices, law firms, notary's offices and private clinics in Bergisch Gladbach.

- Reception on site: in arenas, event halls, airports and train stations, arcades and shops, but also in foundations and museums as well as in stadiums and sports venues in Bergisch Gladbach.

Diamonds Model Agency provides first class qualified hospitality services with conviction, passion and boldness. Diamonds Model Agency, the sense of prestige.

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Our Identity

Diamonds Model Agency carries the values of a reception services company in Bergisch Gladbach with joy and boldness.

Our host and hostess agency in Bergisch Gladbach combines the diverse range of services offered by large companies with the specific skills of a niche company. The strong values of an independent and manageable service culture are at the heart of our DNA. Our agency is committed to respectful and understanding exchanges, a distinct closeness to its interlocutors, and the flexibility, rigor, and responsiveness that are essential to our professions. These requirements form their identity.

Diamonds Model Agency is aware of the evolution of challenges in the hospitality industry. Expectations are high and varied and go beyond a perfect (synonyms already exist) reception service. For your events, your company or your sites in Bergisch Gladbach, the impeccable services of our professional expert hosts and hostesses, their smile, their professionalism and their commitment are essential. Nowadays, communicating your image is no longer enough and must be the added value that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

With Diamonds Model Agency, the requirements of companies and institutions are understood and integrated in such a way that they can not only be met, but also personalised. It is important to meet the demanding expectations of the premium market, but also to stand out from the rest. Diamonds Model Agency hostesses and hosts carry your image while remaining true to your identity. If you stand out from the crowd, your brand image will be strong and secure. Our hostess agency offers you an excellent skilled reception service in Bergisch Gladbach. Diamonds Model Agency affirms the taste for exclusivity with chic.

Diamonds Model Agency: An Agency with Values

Diamonds Model Agency was founded based on a key idea: Customer satisfaction is more than a promise, it is a reason to be and to act. This is where she differs from other hostess agencies in Bergisch Gladbach. That is why the company’s values include professionalism, attentiveness, availability, elegance, service spirit, ethics and sustainable development, all geared towards the same goal: The realisation of services that precisely meet the needs of the customer.

To achieve this, Diamonds Model Agency relies on a team of first-class professional hosts and hostesses. Once they are on the ground, they are much more than promoters entrusted with some kind of mission: They are true ambassadors whose role is not so much to perform tasks but to convey a brand image. Their skills and qualities must be combined to deliver a high quality competent service that strives for excellence in all circumstances.

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A Working Environment that Promotes Well-being

At Diamonds Model Agency, we recognise that the working environment is crucial. Motivated and satisfied hostesses are more likely to provide quality practiced services and to do so with a smile. Therefore, it is a matter of honour for the agency to create an environment in which the well-being of its employees can flourish, regardless of the place where the job is carried out (company, event, shop, etc.).

  • To achieve this, Diamonds Model Agency works on three levels:
  • Targeted and qualified recruitment of hosts and hostesses in Bergisch Gladbach so that the services offered match their skills as much as possible (this avoids frustration)
  • Offer attractive salaries to motivate and retain hosts and hostesses.
  • Open up development perspectives by offering professional development and promoting the internal mobility of staff. For example, a host or hostess can quickly find a more stable position and then climb the career ladder to become a chief hostess.

This will make staff more involved in the life of the agency!

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